Most Expensive Homes in Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas certainly has its own fair share of attractions that leads to high rollers aiming to acquire one luxurious estate or a beautiful high-rise apartment in order to make their stay there more comfortable. Like every other city, Las Vegas has its own neighborhoods and homes that showcase class and ritzy architecture indicating the wealth of its residents. Las Vegas has served as home to a lot of rich and famous people from Celine Dion, Andre Agassi, Britney Spears, and Joe Jackson to name a few.


Owing to the fact that Las Vegas is a place where the rich and affluent gather to spend time off or unwind and let loose their gambling side from the bustle of city life or even live on a regular basis, it is no surprise that the luxury homes have a high price tag. Most of the homes currently in Las Vegas luxurious neighborhoods are in the millions. Many high-end homes have been built in the past few years, thus showing the growing demand for luxury homes in Las Vegas. Ivan Sher, one of the top luxury real estate agents in Las Vegas, has represented a wide array of clients who have bought some of the most expensive homes in Las Vegas.

The following are considered to be the two most luxurious homes in Las Vegas, Nevada:

1717 Enclave Court, Las Vegas, Nevada


Located in Country Clubs Hills 2 in the neighborhood of Summerlin, the house located at 1717 Enclave Court is certainly luxurious in every way thereby warranting the price tag of $22,000,000 on the real estate market. The home was built in the year 2001 and has features such as 6 bedrooms, a spa, a garage, a private pool, 12,945 square feet of land, within a gated community and also has its own private gate. This property was built on its acres of paradise as the ultra-modern estate is truly the epitome of luxury.

The construction and designs of the nook and crannies of the house where certainly done without any expense being spared. The amenities included in the house extend to fitted appliances and necessities such as laundry and kitchen appliances. The gravel pathways of the home make the journey from the gates to the garage are a stroll in luxury.

9 Echo Peak Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada


Located in Clark County in the Neighbourhood of Summerlin, this home covers 23,748 square feet, which is approximately 1.170 acres of land. The market price of the home is currently at $30,000,000 and it is a price ready to defend itself as the home consists of 5 Bedrooms, 4 Full Baths, and 9 Partial Baths, a private pool, balcony, courtyard, spa, garage and circular driveway.

Privacy is something that is guaranteed to the owners as not only is the home within a gated community; it also has its private gated entrance set against the Skyride desert hillside. Its background of the desert hillside makes it an architectural masterpiece as it easily blends in with the surroundings making it seem like a fixed part of nature. The home has six levels with the master suite designed in a three story style. Outdoor living is something that can be embraced here due to the large expanse of land, rooftop patio and multiple terraces with which picturesque views can be enjoyed.

Best Las Vegas High Rises

The city of Las Vegas has always been a world-class destination attracting more than its own fair share of tourists in the United States. The current downturn in the economy has not in any way affected the course of business in the state with sectors like real estate still weathering the storm.

An example can be seen in the case of the Las Vegas high rise condos which seem to be getting more popular as the years go by. Investors keep turning their interests into the distressed market hoping to lock on to opportunities and as a result, this has led to the development of world-class high-rises in Las Vegas.

It also helps to know that the Las Vegas high rise condos that were only within the grasps of the wealthy are now within the reach of the average income earner. A lot of properties in the city can now be purchased for cash and such is the case when it comes to the high rise condos. The high-rise market is constantly heating up and it would be best to get in when you still can.

To make a worthwhile decision on which condo to call a home, the following can be considered as the best Las Vegas high rises:



The Everett is located along the 215 freeway in Elysian West. The high rise apartment boasts of an in-house gym, a swimming pool, and a clubhouse. Furnishings and fittings are a guarantee regardless of the room. The high rise is located in a premium location as it has easy access to the freeway and it takes about 15 minutes to get to The Strip.


The Allure boasts of a larger floor plan than most high rise with a 1 bedroom apartment and bathroom comprising of 1000 sq ft. of space. The location happens to be right on the Strip thereby providing easy access to highways. The northern direction and large windows ensure that the apartments remain cool during the summer months. The building also has its own pool and gym with a valet in the lobby.


Going for a reasonable price per square footage, Loft 5 boasts of spacious apartments with brand new fixtures and appliances. The apartment overlooks the I-15 freeway meaning that getting access to the main road would not be a problem. It is a good distance away from the Strip ensuring that residents seeking for peace and quiet get it. The apartments are luxurious and portray a modern day outlook.


The Panorama is considered to be amongst the high-end high-rise buildings in Las Vegas owing to the fact that a few famous name are known to take up residence there. The location of the Panorama ensures that residents are within walking distance to casinos such as Stratosphere and Sahara. With the addition of a valet, hot tub, swimming pool, and gym, the view of the Vegas Strip is also a reason why it is considered to be one of the best high rises.